Real Homes Development

Dahli Place

We moved right next door from The Loreen to 35-39 Gorge Rd East, after purchasing the property in the spring of 2012. This building has a different look and feel then The Loreen. The crazy L pattern was used in the design build to make use of the amalgamated lots. This was done for three purposes. It took advantage of the two road frontages, it allowed for us to rezone for an air space parcel lot, and allowed for us to honor a senior family member (Lulu Goodman). If you fly over head 35-39 Gorge and The Loreen they spell Lu.  This building is a 68 unit apartment with underground parking, it was completed on May 28, 2014.

Dahli Place won a design award from the Greater Victoria Real Estate Board. We purpose built this building to look as though the street frontage on Gorge appeared as though it was private condominiums. Using the brick accents and extended first floor to delineate this impression. As with The Loreen, we incorporate the secondary exit on the first floor with patios.  The flying wing foyer was to achieve a presence on the corners of Irma and Gorge Rd East.


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